About us

Szinorg Universal Zrt. was established in 2013 by way of de-merger from HUNÉP Universal Zrt. The company group consisting of HUNÉP Universal Zrt., as one of major the construction companies of Eastern Hungary, and its subsidiaries have reached by this time a level where the board of directors considered the creation of a holding structure a justified step. In the new organisational structure, Szinorg Universal Zrt. performs asset management activities.

Its key tasks include:

  • determining the strategy of the group;
  • ensuring and coordinating the efficient operation of the member companies;
  • managing and continuous increasing of the assets in Szinorg Universal Zrt.

SZINORG Group is committed to diversified investments, and is therefore present in several industries:

  • construction;
  • property development and management;
  • hospitality;
  • services.

The Group is very well positioned for property development activities, since in addition to the high level of capitalization, bank financing is also ensured. The investment risk is significantly reduced by the fact that several members of the group are well-operating construction companies.

In the past decades, the Group has gained extensive experience especially in the development of healthcare, residential, hotel and office projects, and has become a major property developer of the region.


Gyula Szűcs
President and Chief Executive Officer

István Hegymegi
Deputy Chief Technical Officer 
Mária Lehrreich
Deputy Chief Economic Officer
Sándor Szabó
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Pál Rédl
Director of Finance

Árpád Zsugyó
Controlling Director

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