We are pleased to announce that Szinorg Universal Zrt. has been elected as a member of the Real Estate Developers Roundtable Association, an advocacy organisation of Hungary’s leading real estate development companies. The internationally recognised association, which has been in existence since 2009, is a key platform for companies active in the field of real estate development.

The aims of the Real Estate Developers Round Table Association include the development of the real estate market and the construction industry, representing the interests of companies in the sector, and promoting the quality and sustainability of real estate development projects. The organisation combines the latest trends and best practices to achieve common goals and plays a central role in the dialogue and cooperation between real estate industry stakeholders.

As a member, Szinorg Universal Zrt. has the opportunity to participate in conferences, events and working groups organised by the association, where it can actively shape industry trends and participate in important decision-making processes affecting the sector. Further, it will also have access to the industry best practices and expertise through training and study programmes offered to the members of the organisation. Szinorg Universal Zrt. is proud to have joined the Real Estate Developers Roundtable Association and is committed to actively and constructively contributing to the development of the real estate market and to the achievement of the common goals of the organisation. We look forward to the cooperation and its potential inherent in it.