Sustainability and energy efficiency have been key considerations in the design and construction of the building, which will feature low-maintenance, green energy apartments.

An apartment building with 12 units and a total floor area of 2,200 square metres, consisting of four residential and one underground parking garage levels, is being built at 54 Komlóssy Street. The location is just 100 metres from the Nagyerdő, opposite the main building of the University of Debrecen and the Faculty of Music. The property developer, Med-Hostelber Ltd., and the building contractor, HUNÉP Zrt. are both members of the SZINORG Group. The investment will be realized from around HUF 2 billion.

President and CEO Gyula Szűcs told that the work started in October 2023, and the structural construction is currently under way.

The building will have three-bedroom apartments and a floor space of 150 square metres. The plans are to rent out the apartments within the SZINORG group.

Our group manages its assets through property development and utilisation. We develop properties in a wide range of areas, such as industrial, office and accommodation – including hotels and apartments. For the latter, we are working on a portfolio of around 100 apartments, which we would like to keep within the group for renting out. Of course, anyone can be a lessee, but we are expecting tenants mainly from two areas: employees of foreign industrial companies moving to Debrecen and international students in the city,

Gyula Szűcs added.

It is important for the group to build premium apartments in premium locations, he said. He believes that in Debrecen, such locations include the vicinity of the university, the historic old town, as well as on both sides of the tram line connecting the two – these are the areas where they are trying to develop properties.

The planned apartment building at 54 Komlóssy Street will be a modern building with a reinforced concrete structure and a glass façade, and the designers have tried to find a solution that will fit in well with its surroundings.

We wanted to create a very simple building that focuses more on space and openness. Our plan was creating slabs and putting the apartments behind huge glass walls, because we think it’s an avenue in the city that is very interesting to look at. Some people prefer to hide away in their homes, but there are also those who like to live in a way that they are a part of the city also in their homes – these are the people that we are targeting with our concept,

said Péter Bordás, owner and chief designer of Bord Építész Stúdió Kft.

He added that they also deviated from the norm in that, compared to average apartment buildings, a more spacious reception area is being created, which is why the building rises by half floors towards Egyetem (University) Avenue, where an entrance intertwined with a garden will be created.

Sustainability and energy efficiency have been key considerations in the design and construction of the building, which will feature low-maintenance, green energy apartments.

Gyula Szűcs also revealed that the building will not be connected to the natural gas network, but will utilise geothermal energy by way of ground source heat pumps to produce hot water for domestic use and to provide heating and cooling for the apartments.

Péter Bordás added that many people think of geothermal energy as thermal water, thermal water, but in fact this solution uses deep boreholes – 30 such boreholes have been drilled in case of this building – and the heat from the ground, compressed and made efficient by heat pumps, is then used for heating and cooling.

Another interesting fact that safety blocks have also been installed at the Komlóssy Street apartment building, which is a unique feature in Hungary. As the building contractor HUNÉP Zrt. writes on its social media site, these are usually structures that, when installed in the building, serve the purpose of preventing or minimising accidents and injuries during construction.

Construction is progressing according to schedule. It is expected that the occupancy permit will be issued in August and the apartments will be ready for moving in by the end of the year.