HAJDU-ALU Zrt., a member of the SZINORG Group, has been awarded a non-refundable state subsidy in the amount of HUF 287,272,000 by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade, pursuant to Ministerial Decree 7/2020 (IV.16.) KKM on the increasing of competitiveness as necessary due to the coronavirus pandemic (grant number VNT 2020-1).

In the framework of the above, HAJDU-ALU Zrt. undertakes to maintain its average statistical headcount of the 12-month period before the application for the subsidy until the end of the investment identified in its application, but at least in the year 2020. Further, it also undertakes to realize (complete) the investment by 30 June 2021 at the latest.

HAJDU-ALU Zrt. will use the subsidy to realize an investment in the total amount of over HUF 600 million, in the framework of which it will complete a new production hall.