Pursuant to Government Decree 102/2020 (IV. 10.) on the derogations from rules relating to the operation of partnerships and companies, during the state of alarm due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors of Szinorg Universal Zrt. decided in place of the general meeting on the acceptance of the annual report drawn up according to the Accounting Act.

Due to the state of alarm, Szinorg Universal Zrt. held its meeting of the Board of Directors, instead of an ordinary general meeting, on 18 May 2020. At this meeting, the Board of Directors, acting in the capacity of the general meeting in this issue, unanimously accepted the proposal for the annual report of 2019.

Gyula Szűcs, the president and CEO of the company and chairman of the Board of Directors, said that Szinorg Universal Zrt. closed a successful year, which is the result of the efficient financial management and well-conceived strategy of the holding company.