A topping off ceremony was held in the Határ Street industrial park in Debrecen, where the two-storey, 5000-square-metre factory of the Swiss company is being built.

The construction of the factory of the Swiss company Sensirion is progressing well in the Regional and Innovation Science and Technology Park of Debrecen. The two-storey, 5000-square-metre building, which is being constructed in the joint investment of Xanga Ventures Private Equity Fund Manager Ltd. and Szinorg Universal Asset Management Ltd., has reached its highest point. A topping off ceremony was held at the construction site, which members of the press were able follow online.

At the event, Lajos Barcsa, deputy mayor of Debrecen, said that the arrival of Sensirion, a producer of digital microsensors and systems, signals that the development of Debrecen’s economy could not be stopped by the pandemic either.

“Sensirion further strengthens the resilience of the economy of Debrecen, as their sensors are used in many areas from the health industry to the automotive industry,” the deputy mayor said. “They invest 24 percent of their revenue on research and development activities, which is an outstanding proportion, and which ensures that their products remain state-of-the-art also in the future. Meanwhile, working for such an innovative company provides an excellent development opportunity both for their workers and the local economy.”

He also mentioned that the industrial park in Határ Street, which has also held the title of Science and Technology Park since 2016, is an outstanding representative of high added value industries. The park was initially established 20 years ago on 40 hectares, and its area has since been tripled: currently situated on 135 hectares, it serves as the home for 60 companies and has 6 thousand employees. The pandemic therefore does not stop the development of Debrecen’s economy, nor the intention of the municipality to implement further developments.

Significant interest in Debrecen and the region

Herdon István

As István Herdon, CEO of Xanga Group, said, negotiations with Sensirion began more than a year ago, which has remained memorable because of the spring wave of the epidemic. The CEO thanked the company for choosing Hungary, Debrecen, as well as Xanga’s Science and Technology Park.

As Mr. Herdon said, the business model of Xanga has been fundamentally the same for over 20 years: they develop the infrastructure, build the roads and large-capacity public utilities, and on the industrial areas thus created, they erect the plants and logistics halls and lease them out on long term, where the tenants carry out the technology transfer and employ the workers, so the production can start. This was also the process in the present case.

Sensirion is expected to have a bright future in Debrecen

Patrick Good, a director of Sensirion Holding AG, said: 203 days after the ground-breaking, we are celebrating the topping off of the building, which is an event of long tradition both in Switzerland and in Hungary. It has two purposes: celebrating that the building shell has been finished, and the roof has been closed, and it is also an occasion to say thanks. Specifically, he expressed his gratitude to the local government headed by Mayor Dr. László Papp and to EDC also for their support, as well as to Xanga, Board Architecture Studio, the local consultant team and HUNÉP.

A good example for creating new value

Szinorg Universal Zrt. is one of the co-investors of the project. One of the main activities of the company is asset management, and their motto is the creation of new value.

“We could not think of a better example for creating new value than this factory. Szinorg’s cooperation with Xanga Ventures Zrt. is not new,” as Gyula Szűcs, president and CEO of the company pointed out. He added: the Debrecen 2030 programme is a well-conceived plan for urban development and economic recovery, and it provides particularly good opportunities for Szinorg and Xanga. “We are happy to invest in industrial and logistics projects that provide an infrastructural background for companies establishing their presence in the region or in Debrecen,” Mr. Szűcs said.

Szinorg is also active in other areas in Debrecen: they have ongoing developments in the hotel industry, as well as have projects for residential and office buildings.

“Debrecen is particularly important for us, since in addition to the municipal fund, we can also create a significant portfolio with the Xanga Group,” the CEO emphasized. “At the ground-breaking ceremony in June I was proud that we could be part of this project, and that Sensirion chose Debrecen as the best location to realize its investment. I was very much captivated by the fact that they set out as a start-up company not long ago and have come such a long way since. I have no doubt that in May, at the opening ceremony, this success story will continue.”

After the speeches, the participants pressed a button simultaneously, which lifted the ceremonious bouquet to the highest point of the building.

Source: dehir.hu

Translated by Zoltan Simon