On the programme titled “Közelkép” (Close Image) on Debrecen Television, István Herdon, Chairman and CEO of the Xanga Group, and Gyula Szűcs, Chairman and CEO of Szinorg Universal Zrt., recently talked about their cooperation going back several years. Viewers were able to gain insight into the way and current processes of the cooperation between the two groups, as well as some of their future plans.

In response to the question of István Pocsai, the host of the programme, Mr. Herdon said: “There continues to be high interest in the city, and we are being entrusted with increasingly complex projects. That is why we had thought about launching various strategic cooperation projects.”

He added that one part of this was the establishment of strategic cooperation with the Szinorg Group, which also includes companies active in the construction industry, in order to meet these investors’ needs in as comprehensive a way as possible.

As Mr. Szűcs continued by recalling the history of Szinorg, “In 2013, the Board of Directors was of the opinion that the number of companies owned by HUNÉP was too high, and the activities of all of these companies did not fit into the construction profile That was when the was made to reorganise the group and to reorganise these activities into a holding company.”

Szinorg Zrt. de-merged from HUNÉP, became that holding company, as the parent company of the members in the group. Its task is to define the strategy for the member companies, to help and control their operation, as well as to actively manage the assets accumulated in the group over the years.

Further details of the fruitful cooperation, including the outlines of future plans, are revealed in the following video:

Video: DTV

Edited by Orsolya Gál