Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, had a busy day in Debrecen. After the inauguration of Vitesco’s new factory, he had another joyful task, namely the ceremonious opening of the new production plant of Hajdu-Alu Zrt.

At the new plant in Vágóhíd Street, the minister recalled that a year and a half ago there was much discussion of what would be the best way to deal with the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The government has decided that it would not give up its successful economic strategy pursued for the past 10-12 years, and would continue to provide people with jobs instead of aid. This is how one of the most important investment promotion and support programmes in Hungarian economic history has been created with the participation of 1,435 companies, including Hajdu-Alu.

“As a result of the investment subsidies provided for them, we have been able to protect 270,000 jobs. The results are already visible: while last year the volume of foreign direct investment globally declined by 42 percent, in Hungary we were able to register a 140 percent increase, and today 36 thousand more people work than last year, before the pandemic,”  Mr. Szijjártó added.

He said that in his opinion the fact that these 1,435 companies have made a significant investment in the past one and a half years to expand their capacity and to introduce new technologies provides a good basis for a rapid economic recovery. While overtaking others in a bend is a dangerous manoeuvre that we would not recommend on the roads, it was a successful strategy from the point of view of the Hungarian economy, he said.

Photo: Kiss Annamarie

“Hajdu-Alu Zrt. has carried out an investment of HUF 575 million, and in the new production hall of 3,000 square meters it has the ability to modernise its manufacturing procedures and to shorten its production cycle. As this investment will ensure the future of the 53 employees of Hajdu-Alu, the government provided a HUF 287 million grant,” he said. The Foreign Minister said that residents of Hajdú-Bihar County can be proud of themselves, as 48 companies in the county have applied for and received support for their investments, which are being realised in a total value of HUF 24 billion.

László Pósán, the MP representing the region, spoke about the fact that the products of Hajdu-Alu can be found in the buildings of the university and the stadium, which proves how successful a business in Debrecen can be. “This also underlines what the national government does on a large scale and the city on a smaller one: reducing our vulnerability in economic and other areas. Debrecen has always been famous for having the right balance in its local economy between foreign investors and local businesses, growing ever faster,” he said.

Imre Heim, CEO of the company, recalled that six years ago the aim was to become a metal building element manufacturing company that can implement transparent architectural solutions, doors and windows, with increasing emphasis on buildings at an ever higher standard. They were developed in several stages, and at the beginning of the year 2020 they expressed the need for the focus area to be the expansion of the office and the production building. Although their plan was overshadowed by the coronavirus outbreak, Imre Heim said they did not give up: they successfully applied for the grant, and with the government’s support, the construction works of the new production plant could be started. Production workers, who have already received several awards and recognitions in the construction industry, can now start their work in the new plant.

Photo: Kiss Annamarie

Source: haon.hu

Edited by Orsolya Gál